Triangle sign

Triangle sign on Mount of Jupiter or below index finger indicates that the bearer is people-friendly, moralist and managing efficient. People who are high-officials, have this sign on mount of Jupiter.

Triangle sign on Mount of Saturn or below long finger is the indication of having knowledge of secret lore.

Triangle sign on Mount of Sun or below ring finger indicates that the bearer will be successful in the field of medicine.

Triangle sign on Mount of Mercury or below little or pinky finger indicates that the bearer is intelligent, brave, have high will power and business efficient.

Triangle sign on Mount of Mars indicates that bearer is brave and heroic.

Triangle sign on Mount of Moon indicates that the bearer will fairly use his imagination power.

Triangle sign on Mount of Venus indicates that the bearer will have enough control over himself in love-relations.

Triangle sign on upper middle part of palm gives good luck.

Triangle sign on lower middle part of palm is the indicator of good luck.

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